Silicone Oil

We offer high quality Silicone Oil,which is a water clear silicone fluid available in variable viscosity ranging from 0.65 centistokes to 100,000 centistokes. It exhibits little change in physical properties over a wide temperature span and has a relatively flat viscosity temperature slope and serviceability from 40 to over 400°F (-40 to 204°C). This oil is an excellent water repellent and has a good dielectric property over a wide range of temperature and frequencies.


  • Low surface tension: It readily wets clean surfaces to impart water repellency and release characteristics.
  • Low toxicity: Tests have shown that Silicone oil is essentially non-toxic and non-irritating (although temporary discomfort may result if rubbed into the eye).
  • It also exhibits oxidation resistance, heat stability, very low vapor pressure and high flash points.
  • It is insoluble in organic liquid
  • It is non-greasy, non-rancidifying and virtually odorless.


  • Silicone oil is suitable for a variety of application and for a wide range of products and processes.
  • As a release material: It is used along or as part of a compounded formula and provides an odorless, non-carbonizing and non-toxic mould release for rubber, plastics & metal die castings.
  • As foam preventive: Extremely small amount of the fluid effectively control foam in many procession operations, especially in non-aqueous systems.
  • As a mechanical fluid: High viscosity, temperature characteristics, therms and chemical stability, shear breakdown resistance, compressibility make Silicone Oil perfect for mechanical/hydraulic uses. It is mainly used in hydraulic stabilizers, damping mediums.
  • As surface-active material: Added vinyl plastisols and liquid springs, it improves the flow characteristics, de-aerates and lubricates the surface of the completed part.
  • As a lubricant: The fluid provides excellent lubrication for plastic and elastomeric surfaces. The cosmetics and skin preparations: It is an important ingredient in hard creams, skin protecting suntan lotions and hair grooming aids as it forms a non-greasy, protective film which resists water and waterborne irritants, yet allows the skin to breath.
  • In polishes and chemical specialties: It is used in most automobile and furniture polishes for its high gloss with minimum rubbing and a durable water repellent film. It is also used in many other specialty formulations such as aerosol starches and fabrics conditioners.
  • In electrical/electronic equipments: It is widely used for both insulating and damping applications.
  • In food processing: Non-contaminating and non-adulterating, it is suited to many food processing applications.