PRIME 20W/40

It provides longer engine life and oil drain period. It gives optimum viscosity with effective lubrication. It provides longer battery life and ensures high engine cleanliness. It gives protection against corrosion and wear. Control of viscosity due to soot related oil thickening. Lower oil consumption and increased fuel economy. Easy in cold starting due to their very high viscosity index.


General Application & Attributes 

Recommended for naturally aspirated and high super charged/turbo charged diesel engines operating under severe duty conditions in all seasons.


PRIME 15W/40 

It gives excellent protection against high temperature deposit. High detergent dispersant and oxidation levels. Longer oil drain period, good film strength and economical.


General Application & Attributes

 It can be used both for petrol and diesel engine. It is recommended for new generation vehicles, highly rated diesel turbojet engines, power shift transmission and mobile hydraulic system.


PRIME 20W/50

It gives excellent sludge control thus power oil consumption. Extra wear protection at high temperature. Outstanding overall engine cleanliness. provide long engine life. Give better mileage, thus increased fuel efficiency. Excellent oxidation stability and detergency level.


General Application & Attributes

IS : 136 56 - 2002 (EPL - 3/EDL - 2), APISG / CD API ESG for gasoline, APICD for diesel engines.



It maintain outstanding engine cleanliness. Provide internal wear resistance and long life of engine. High oxidation and thermal stability. Excellent ability to control viscosity due to soot related oil thickening. Long drain period and suitable for all seasons.


General Application & Attributes

Recommended for naturally aspirated and highly super charged/turbo charged diesel engines operating under severe duty conditions in all seasons.
IS : 136 56 - 2002 (EDL - 3) and MACKT7, API CF / CD, MIL - L 2104C